Friday, February 21, 2014

Copy a Millionare Reviewed

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With a name like that I had to check it out and give a review.The first thing I wondered was the keyword millionaire and how easy or difficult it would be to get ranked.Mmm ...Do people really type in that word for their searches to make money online?I wouldn't.I would think that is where a lot of scam sites would be.Anyway just thinking.

Copy a millionaire was released on February 12th 2014.Evan Tate claims you can copy his blueprint to be a millionaire like him.I came to find out this was actually by Grayson Brookshire.His claim also states he is seeking only serious partners.He will teach you to make $500 dollars a day.He doesn't promise to make you a millionaire but by the end of the video you will have all the information you need to make it happen.He doesn't need your money.

The acting in the testimonial videos is really bad.I am pretty sure you can see some of them offering their services on for $5The one guy even brought his kids into the act..For the price of a cup of coffee is the price they say.Actually it is $4.95 for a 5 day trial.Then you will soon find out that it's $77 a month after that.If you close the payment page without purchase he drops it to $2.97 for the trial.Close it again and it's free.Funny how that happens.

The product is a sales funnel to the members area of Automated Paydays.This is where you find out how to get your websites setup.Also you will find a ton of information.Although there is alot of good information and training it is somewhat thrown together and a newbie could get lost for hours and feel a little overwhelmed.There are plenty of libraries on video,audio,traffic,strategies,word press,ebooks,tools and of course up sell products.

They offer a Niche blog package consisting of 20 websites.They also offer a Mega traffic package.This consists of alot of videos and training on where to generate traffic.He doesn't need your money but you need these ad packages you are told.Now I know you can't realistically expect to start your own business for free .You always are going to need to spend it to make it.It's just finding the right things to spend it on.

Just do the 3 steps and you will be a millionaire like him.Sounds a little familiar doesn't it?I don't challenge the fact that you can't make money with this but with anything online it's all about the traffic.Sorry Evan I guess I'm a tire kicker.It;s funny how there is always only a few spots left
 so you have to hurry.Never liked this sales tactic,seems dishonest to me because you can always go back a week later and amazingly there is still a few spots left.I still can't believe I qualified.

This product may help some people make money but I don't see the value for what he is asking per month.I also noticed a clicksure logo on the payment page.I personally haven't had a bad experience with them but in the short time I have been researching Internet marketing I have heard nothing but negative things about their products.
<br> <em>Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /</em></p>
<em>Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /</em></p>

The one thing I am learning about Internet marketing is it is very easy to be overwhelmed and sucked into every claim and offer you encounter,You should always do as much research as possible on any and everything.The good thing is there are good, legitimate ways to make money online.There are also alot of good people that truly want to help you succeed.Sifting out the cheats is the hard part.

I was lucky to find a great supportive sytem that truly is setup to go and free to have.Meet people using it with success.I have a free video HERE!