Friday, March 21, 2014

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network is an online,work from home business opportunity.
Instant Payday Network was created in 2012 by Jeff Buchanan.

Jeff designed this system to make money and he gives it to anyone interested in doing the 
same.He does this at no charge.He and anyone who introduces this free online work from home
business to you will never ask you for any money.

Instant Payday Network is a 4 step system designed to make money for anyone who joins.
This system works with Fortune 500 companies.When you sign up with Instant Payday Network,
these are the companies that actually pay you.All payments are made through Pay Pal.

Jeff Buchanan will walk you through every step of the system himself.To connect with the Fortune
500 companies Jeff Uses 2 sites.The first site is Express My Cash Freebies.The second site is 
Double My Cash Freebies.

Jeff will explain how to join these two sites and how to get qualified to get paid by the Fortune 
500 companies associated with these sites.Once qualified with these 2 sites you refer others and get
paid 20 to 30 dollars per referral.Jeff will also show you his income proof with this system.

Once you are qualified with these two sites Jeff then gives you a free Marketing system.In this free 
marketing system you will have access to all the tools and training to start your free online work
from home business.

Included in the training are ways to market this system.There is training on placing ads,both free and
paid advertising.This is done with a resources page with links to video by jeff himself and links to 
reading material.He shows you step by step how to promote this system.You can also join a Facebook group where you can interact with the thousands of marketers already earning income with this system.

To get started Jeff has a getting started Guide.You receive 4 capture pages to choose from.Use these with
your ad campaigns,so you can capture names and email adresses of potential sign ups to your system.

In the leads feature you are able to view the information gathered from your capture pages.When your leads 
are entered into the system they will receive a series of emails from the Instant Payday Network
autoresponder.These emails are scheduled to go out over time and can be stopped at anytime by you.
There is also the option to write your own emails to your leads also.

Another Feature of this free marketing system is the leadtracker.You simply set a code that you create for
each ad campaign that you are running.When you receive a lead it will contain the code in it so you know what ad campain your lead was created from.

In the stats feature you can view how many visitors have seen your page and how many have signed up.This feature also shows your conversion ratio to see what campaigns are working best for you.

If you want to place an opt in form on your website or another website like a blog or my space page,
Jeff has a page to get an HTML code,just copy and paste wherever you like.

So to review the 4 steps,they are as follows:
   1.Join Express My Cash Freebies
   2.Join Double My Cash Freebies
   3.Receive Free Marketing System
   4.(optional) Join The Empower Network

Step 4 is optional and is not free.The Empower Network is a blogging system that can be used to promote
Instant Payday Network or any business you choose.You can also earn money with The Empower Network all  by itself.For a monthly fee you can be an affiliate of Empower Network and earn monthly residual income.

As of March 12,2014 Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash freebies have implimented a new payment structure.On top of their payments already in place they now have residual payments also.

Go to Instant Payday Network HERE